Sketchbook Project: Part 3

It's done!

Nancy Eggert’s “Something Odd ” necklace is finished! If you’ve been paying attention, you know that Nancy was selected as the winner of my design contest. I am making her design for her. In past posts I showed how I made one component of the necklace. All nine squggle charms have been made and attached to a knotted cotton cord. See below.

Last, since Nancy didn’t specify, I created a toggle styled clasp that complements Nancy’s original design.

I thought the necklace was finished, but noticed that some of the disks were slipping off of the necklace. Each piece is kinetic, moving freely. After examining the problem, I discovered that the holes in the disks had stretched during the shaping process, enough that the slats no longer held them in place. I remade them with smaller holes, and all is well.

...And here is Nancy, wearing her new necklace that she designed herself!

Nancy Eggert wearing her "Something Odd" Necklace

Nancy Eggert wearing her "Something Odd" Necklace