Sketch Project

Making the "Something Odd" Necklace

The opening reception for my recent art exhibition, “Spark to Sparkle” featured a contest. I asked those who attended to sketch their own jewelry design. The winner is the "Something Odd" necklace designed by Nancy Eggert. You can follow my progress in making the necklace over the next few weeks here.

disk charm detail.JPG

I will first be constructing just one of the squiggle disk charms so that I can collect information on the sizes and any other adjustments. 

Last week I gathered materials that will be used and planned the design, thinking through the whole design and any possible problems. Following are the steps I completed this week.

Step 1.        Cut out the strips of brass with tin snips.


Step 2.

Anneal the brass strips and copper washers by heating them with a torch. Annealing makes the metal soft and pliable.

Step 3: Texture the brass and copper pieces using a rolling milll and brass pattern plates.

IFile edges

Step 4.

File all edges until smooth.

Ball end of wire

Step 5.

Ball up the end of a piece of silver wire by dipping it in the blue point of a flame.

Stay tuned for further progress.