Sketchbook Project: Part 2

Making Jewelry: "Something Odd"

Something Odd Necklace

If you have read my past posts, you know that I held a Sketchbook Project Contest during the opening of my art exhibition in October. The winner was Nancy Eggert’s necklace design, “Something Odd”. I am in the process of making the necklace and posting my progress.

I got a little bogged down during the holidays, and so had to put the sketch project at the end of my to-do list. Now I am back on track and was able to spend some time in the studio experimenting with various sizes, gauges, shapes and types of metal.

The result is this component of the necklace. Each part fits together and is free moving. The challenge was to keep individual pieces from falling off of the wire. The photos below illustrate the process that I used to make the component.

Next I will bend the wire into a squiggle, then duplicate this module 8 times. Each charm will be attached to a neck ring, chain or cord. Lastly, since Nancy didn’t specify, I will design a clasp that complements her design.