Wire Wrap Jewelry

Wire Wrapped Necklace

What is Wire Wrapped Jewelry?

Wire Wrapped Jewelry

I love wire wrapped jewelry.  And I love to make it. Almost any small object can be enclosed in wire to wear. And it’s easy to carry your supplies with you on a trip or to demonstrate at a show.  Each wire wrap artist has her/his own style. Some are quite fancy. Mine are usually very simple, because I like to enhance, not hide, the beauty of the stone or object.

silver and gold cuff bracelet

silver and gold cuff bracelet

What distinguishes wire wrapping from other wire jewelry is the “wrap”. Wire wrapped jewelry is made by bundling long pieces of wire together and wrapping another smaller piece of wire around the bundle to hold them together.  The wraps allow you to pull the longer pieces of wire over the object, which holds it in place. Simple! 

 Below are some additional wire wrapped jewelry pieces that I have made over the years.

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