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Fashion Trends for Jewelry Right Now

Jewelry and accessories can enhance and update your wardrobe.  A striking piece of jewelry can take an outfit from casual to dressed-up in seconds. Elevate your outfit with just the right little thing. Here are several fashion trends that I have noticed and how they relate to jewelry. You could add any one of these ideas to a plain white Tee and be right on the mark with the latest looks.

1. Romantic Ruffles. Romance is evident in ruffled tunics, bell sleeves, flared pants, and floral prints. Wear this ruffled floral necklace to get the look.


2.       Tassels. I’m sure you’ve noticed how popular tassels have become. They are seen on shoes, bags, necklaces, jewelry and clothes. This is my take on the tassel earring. They are fun, whimsical, soft and very light weight.

3.        Denim. It’s the fabric of choice this season for unlikely items such as dresses and blousy tunics. Why not wear jewelry made from denim blue colored stones. Denim Lapis is a beautiful light colored form of lapis lazuli, and Sodalite is a less expensive stone of the same color. This is an interesting sodalite necklace that I made by enclosing the stone in a Sterling silver wire cage.

Sodalite Cage Wrapped pendant.JPG

4.        Layered necklaces. Wear your charms and small pendants on different length chain necklaces. Or you can wear them all strung onto one single chain. It’s so easy to get this trend down.

layered necklaces.JPG

5.        Copper/Rose Gold. Chocolate Brown is the new Black and Coppery golds go so well. I’ve noticed an upswing in sales of my copper jewelry, especially when it’s paired with gold and silver. The stylized starburst necklaces below also match another trend of deconstructed designs with mix-and-match patterns. These and similar pieces are available at Florida Craft Art in St. Petersburg, FL and A Little Room For Art in Pass-A-Grille Beach, FL.

Next Week:

Look for my new designs that were upcycled from the insides of old VHS tapes.