Up-Cycled VHS Cassette Jewelry

They're Ba-ack!

VHS Cassette

Yes, that’s right VHS Tapes are back - in the form of jewelry! My friend called last week, saying she had some things I might need for future art projects.  My play-date group has used old CD’s to make fascinator type hats to wear at concerts and flower decorations. We might find equally creative things to do with these VHS parts, while finding a use for an obsolete item that would ordinarily go to the landfill.

To my delight, the “good junk” was tiny pieces from the inside of VHS tapes. I now have a large supply of metal tubes, screws, springs, and plastic thingy’s that look like weird beads. Who knew what was inside of those things? They will make great jewelry parts. 

 It's got my creative juices flowing! Here are some earrings that I have already designed using some of the pieces.

Share your comments. What you would do with these VHS parts?