Encouraging Creativity

Jewelry Designers share Ideas

The artist reception for my jewelry exhibition, “Spark to Sparkle” was held last week-end. The show’s premise is to illustrate the spark, or the idea as it is put down on paper. My sketchbooks are part of the show. They are open to the page illustrating a finished piece of jewelry, which is displayed beside the sketch.

One of the fun things that happened at the reception was that I held a contest. The people attending the reception were asked to design their own piece of jewelry in a brand new empty sketchbook. I plan to review the sketches and announce the winner in this blog. Then I will make the winning design for the winner, free of charge!

Here are the top contenders. Keep checking back for the winning entry, then to see my progress in making the piece, and finally, the finished product. Better yet, sign up for the Newsletter.

If you missed it, the show will be on view through November 11 at St. Pete ArtWorks. November 11 is also Art Walk night in St. Petersburg, FL, a great time to come out and see art.

The winner of the “Sketch Your Own Jewelry Design Contest” will be announced next Friday, November 3, 2017 at 5 a.m. through this blog.