Jewelry Chains

The selection is endless

Making a chain by hand from metal links is fun and rewarding.  It is, however, time consuming, adding substantially to the cost of a piece of jewelry. I often include a ready-made chain with my pendants and necklaces, especially if a hand-made chain doesn’t make sense for the design or price tag.

The chains that are offered with my jewelry are 18 inches long. This size fits most people, and it’s easier for me to display a pendant on a shorter length of chain. When ordering on my website, you now have a choice of chain lengths.

The two types of chain that I prefer are the snake chain and the box chain. Both of these styles are sturdy, substantial and beautiful.  They enhance most designs and don’t tangle easily. I sometimes use a foxtail chain or a bead chain if the other styles are unavailable.

Here is a primer on those four chain styles, how they are made and what they look like:

chain snake.JPG

Snake chain

Made from round slightly curved metal plates or bands tightly joined together. The plates create a subtle zig-zag effect along the length of the chain.

chain box.JPG

Box chain

Has squared-off links that resemble cubes; They are sturdy chains, ideal for pendants. A rounded box chain has links that are created from half-round wire, giving the finished chain a rounder profile.

chain foxtail.JPG

Foxtail chain

Made with two rows of oval links arranged at 45 degree angles to one another and connected by small flat links. It has a flat woven appearance.

bead chain

Bead chain

Characterized by spherical links, often hollow, that are joined by narrow connector wires or bars.

There are hundreds of different types of chain available. The above are my favorites, but I can provide most any style or size that you prefer. You can contact me for a quote through