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This Little Girl is All Grown Up

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The 9 year old “red headed tornado” (my niece, Elizabeth) is suddenly 22 years old. My friends who met her at that age told me not to worry about her. With a personality like she has, she will do well in life. My friends were right. She recently graduated with 2 degrees on the President’s and Deans List and many honors. She accepted a job the very next week that she loves, and she will be marrying a wonderful (red haired) man in a few weeks. Can you tell how proud and happy I am for her?

Silver Cuff Bracelet is Bridesmaid Jewelry

Silver Cuff Bracelet is Bridesmaid Jewelry

But I digress. This story is about the bridal jewelry that I made for the upcoming nuptials. Each piece of custom jewelry for the wedding party was personalized to Elizabeth’s specifications. I was free to design the bridesmaids’ amethyst and pearl earrings myself, but everything else was custom made to order, with a few suggestions from me. I made a beautiful v-shaped strand of pearls that matches her gown and a pearl bridal head piece that will hold the veil. The bridesmaid jewelry will be amethyst and pearl necklaces with matching amethyst and pearl earrings and sterling silver bracelets.

 I usually design big and chunky bracelets.  Elizabeth wanted her bridesmaid jewelry to be delicate and classic. We settled on silver cuff bracelets ¼ inch wide. I imprinted a floral vine pattern along the outside length and stamped the wedding date inside of each bracelet.


When I showed off my work to friends, one of them asked me to make a pair of his and her bracelets as anniversary jewelry for her grandson and his wife with the date of their wedding inside. This made me think of some other possibilities for these bracelets. For example, a Mother/daughter Mother’s day gift with the initials of both inside. With a more masculine pattern, it could be a men’s cuff bracelet, for example, jewelry for the groom and groomsmen. It would even make a nice Father’s Day gift.

If you have a desire to have me design personalized jewelry for you, click here for contact info.

 I will be writing about the other pieces of wedding jewelry and showing pictures of the bride and the wedding party in a future post, so Stay Tuned!

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