Planning a Wedding?

 Or Attending One

June is the traditional wedding month, but September and Ocotober are the most popular. If you are planning a wedding or attending one in the future, custom wedding jewelry is a wonderful way to add an unexpected accent to the day. I design made to order jewelry that will perfectly match color, size, style or material.

This Woven Wire Necklace and Bracelet are quite popular for weddings because the colors can be adjusted to match any bridal gown or bridesmaid dress.   If you are the Mother of the Bride or simply a guest, custom jewelry is the answer to those hard to match colors or unusual necklines. Bridesmaid jewelry makes a nice gift from the bride, and jewelry is a wonderful gift to the bride, as well.

Here are some other designs I have created for weddings in the past:

Do you have an idea for a custom piece of jewelry that I can help you with?

Carole Shelton