Mothers Day Ideas

DIY Necklace wall hanger

My mother loves jewelry, and since she has a daughter who is in the jewelry business, she has lots! As a mothers day gift idea, I plan to give her a hanging jewelry organizer, along with a new necklace, of course! This is an easy DIY jewelry storage project made from a cork bulletin board. It can be hung on the wall or inside a cabinet or closet door.  Here’s how:

Hanging jewelry organizer

To make the wall jewelry organizer, you will need a bulletin board, paint, paint brushes, masking tape, decorative push pins, and any other decorative motif or item that would fit the decorating theme of the room.



Paint the corkboard

1. Using a brush, paint the cork part of the bulletin board in a color that matches the room. (Spray paint doesn’t cover as well). Let dry and repeat, if necessary.



mask stripes and paint

 2.      After the first color is dry, mask off some stripes with masking tape and paint in a coordinating color. Let that dry, and remove the tape. You could also stencil the board or paint anything you want.




Remove the masking tape

3. Remove the masking tape to reveal the stripes.





roughen the frame with sandpaper

4.       Next we will paint the frame. You can use spray paint for this. The frame may need to be roughened a little using sand paper so it will accept the paint.


mask and spray paint.JPG



5. Cover the already painted cork part of the board with masking tape and a plastic bag.

6. Paint and let dry. Add a second coat if necessary. Let dry and remove the masking.

7.  Optional: add decorative trim and ribbon around the inside of the frame.

Add push pins.JPG


8. Add push pins at intervals across the cork board. I found these hook push pins and several other styles at Target. A web search for decorative push pins turned up lots of options. They should be thick enough to hold a necklace.

9. Using a glue gun or E6000 glue, you could add light weight decorative items to the push pin, like sea shells, rhinestones, beads or old jewelry parts. I’m using buttons. The push pins can also be painted a coordinating color. See below.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Here's another Mothers Day gift idea: give her a unique piece of wearable art from Earthbeat Designs. You will find something for every taste.