Queen Victoria Jewels

Facts about May Birthstone

 RHP - Refurbished rooms at Kensington Palace. London, March 23 2018.

Queen Victoria and I share the same birthday.  Our May birthstone is emerald. Her matching emerald "parure" or suite of necklace, earrings, brooch and tiara just went on exhibit at Kensington Palace. It was all a gift from Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert. My husband once gave me a pair of simple emerald stud earrings with exchangeable jackets, much more my style than the ones made for a queen!

Here are some interesting facts about emeralds:

  • Emerald is from the mineral family, Beryl. Aquamarine is also in the beryl family.
  • The first known emerald mines were in Egypt, possibly as early as 1500 BC. Emerald was Cleopatra’s favorite stone.
  • Emerald hardness is 7.5 – 8 on the Mohs Hardness scale. Although emerald is fairly hard, it is quite brittle and can shatter if dropped.
  • Emeralds grow in a hexagonal crystal form.
  •  Emerald is also the gem of the 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries.
  • Emeralds are often treated with Cedar oil, which improves clarity and stability.
emerald family jewels.JPG

This is a necklace that I designed, called “Family Jewels”, The bottle is filled with tiny emerald chips. It is sealed with sterling silver wire and a piece of silk from a scarf that once belonged to my grandmother. I love creating personal one-of-a kind jewelry pieces. Do you have an idea for a custom design? Send me a message: info@earthbeatdesigns.com