Earth Day Jewelry

Waterfall Necklace

In honor of Earth Day I have created these one-of-a-kind Waterfall Necklaces. I want to call attention to our most precious resource, clean water. Not only is drinking water necessary for us to live, but water plays a role in growing our food, improving economic situations, and even preventing war. Read more about that at:

I came up with the idea to make waterfall jewelry as I drove to SC for a family visit, thinking about what is important to me in relation to an art project. Protecting the environment is so important that I named my business "Earthbeat". I grew up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, a land where round pale blue hills are visible, seemingly, everywhere you look. There are many waterfalls in the area too. Two things happened on that trip to convince me to make waterfalls. A story on NPR about water resources, and my niece told me that her future wedding would be at a nearby waterfall. 

These one-of-a-kind necklaces are part of an exhibition at St. Pete ArtWorks through May 12. I will donate the proceeds from the sale of these necklaces to The Nature Conservancy. If you would like to purchase one of the necklaces, please contact me at Better yet, come to the exhibition and make your purchase in person!