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Douriean Fletcher Jewelry Artist

Douriean Fletcher Jewelry Artist

Have you seen the Black Panther movie yet? It has handsome men, strong women and an exciting plot. But the star, in my opinion, is the jewelry artist who designed those amazing pieces of jewelry. Douriean Fletcher not only designed most of the jewelry and armor, she also  hand fabricated each of them.

The story is about a precious metal, a high tech beaded bracelet, and a claw necklace that holds the Panther’s suit and mask.  A family ring also plays an important role.



Here are some things you may not have noticed in the movie:

  • Warriors wear a belt buckle shaped like a panther.
  • Warriors wear shoe jewelry
  • The most striking piece of jewelry worn by  Angela Bassett does not appear in the movie, only on the poster.
  • General Okoye's necklace is made of gold. The other warriors wear silver.
  • Okoye's necklace is actually three stacked necklaces
  • Queen Ramonda wears large face earrings, one of the designer's signature styles.