A Music Necklace

The Fiddle and the Devil

The Beast.jpg

I call my fiddle “The Beast”. When I play it, I feel like I am holding a wild animal that is unpredictable and dangerous. My goal is to tame the beast, but this is also part of its charm. I took up the fiddle at the age of 58. I will probably never master it, but it has charmed me to keep trying.                                                    

The Appalachian Mountains, where I grew up, are full of legends about fiddles and their wickedness. In days past it was considered sinful to play one, especially on a Sunday. Fiddle music is primarily dance music, and dancing is still considered a sin in some religions. Often fiddlers would hang their fiddles on the porch so as not to invite the devil inside. The inspiration for this necklace came from a story about how mountain fiddlers often place the rattles from a rattlesnake inside their fiddle to keep evil spirits away.

I offer two music designs for sale from Earthbeat Designs, an acoustic guitar necklace and earrings and an electric guitar necklace all available in Sterling Silver.