Preventing Silver Tarnish

There are many ways to clean silver jewelry (That's a topic for a future post.), but storing your silver jewelry properly can go a long way to prevent tarnish for as long as possible in the first place.

Here in Florida we have high humidity and sometimes salt or sulfur in the air. Even if you don’t have these extreme conditions, you may find this suggestion helpful. Store your jewelry in a sealed container. Jewelry boxes are great, but they may allow moisture inside.

Some inexpensive containers that you probably already have around the house are great for jewelry storage:

1.    Food storage containers with tight fitting lids work great. You can purchase new plastic containers, but the throw-away butter tubs or other lidded containers work well too -  after they have been cleaned.

plastic storage container for jewelry

2.    Plastic craft cases often have dividers, making it easy to separate items. Find them at craft stores, such as Michael's, JoAnn Fabrics or Hobby Lobby. You might also find them in the fishing department of your local sporting goods store. Look for different sized sections for storing necklaces and bracelets, as well as smaller earrings, rings and pendants.

Plastic Craft Container for jewelry storage

3.    Plastic zippered bags that you would normally use to take a sandwich to work or freezer bags are my favorite jewelry storage container. I like to save the zippered bags that sometimes come with mail ordered items. Just check for holes.

Plastic Zipper Bag for Storing Jewelry

Most importantly, be sure everything is clean and dry when you seal it up. Moisture is the main culprit of tarnish. You don’t want to seal water, food or contaminants within the container. That would make tarnish happen quicker!

Sterling Silver items will most likely have to be cleaned eventually, but this may keep you from having to do it so often.