Sea Turtle Necklace

Sea Turtle Necklace


The Sea Turtle necklace is made from copper and hammered to shape the shell and create texture. The turtle hangs from a black cotton cord, which has a textured copper toggle clasp. The copper has been treated with a tarnish resistant finish.

Turtle's Length: 1 3/4"   Width: 2"

Necklace length: 18"

Each necklace is individually crafted. There may be slight differences in the texture or color of each pendant.

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How I Created the Sea Turtle Necklace Design



Just after I achieved my Scuba Diving Certification, I attend a conference in Honolulu, Hawaii. Of course, I took that opportunity to dive the unique and beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean. One of the dive sites, called Turtle Cove, had very few fish and almost no coral. However, the beautiful Pacific Green Sea Turtles came out to swim, and were the highlight of my trip. One of the turtles, which was as big as I was, swam with me during much of my time underwater. Now the turtle is my talisman. 

The texture I have created for the swimming Sea Turtle Necklace shows the patterns made by the sun underwater on my Pacific Green Sea Turtle as it swam with me.