Flower Knot Bracelet

Flower Knot Bracelet


Hand wrought copper flowers are tied to layers of textured copper and nickel silver. Knots made from cotton cord are used to hold the flowers to the metals. The knots  become the centers of each flower, forming this floral cuff bracelet. 

Materials: Copper, NIkel Silver, Cotton Cord

Width: 1  1/4 "   Length: 6"

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How I created the Flower Knot Bracelet:

Knot tying is an important method of creativity for me. I learned to macrame in the '70's, and being a lover of boats and all water related things, I have learned to tie many specialty knots. This obsession led me to use knots in my jewelry designs. A bracelet like this was exhibited in the "Bloom" Exhibition at The Carrollwood Cultural Center in Tampa, FL.